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yes i did. i finally met him [Jul. 21st, 2006|09:10 pm]
Your Official Guide to Everything JOSH BLITZER


okay so ill give you all the juicy details on how it went down. my friends and i were really fiending for some coffee at the starbucks in raintree which is freehold where josh is usually seen. well we went in and i was thinking to myself you know that guy looks a lot like blitz. and whatdoyanno. it was him. he ordered two venti skim chai vanilla lattes. the other one for a lady friend? hmm not sure. but omg you guys he was so sweet. and idc what you guys say he def doesnt have an eating disorder and he doesnt do coke either arite. so everyone just stfu about that. but anyway he was wearing a fruit of the loom cuttoff tshirt and a blue striped bathing suit with nike shoes oh and his glasses on his forehead. and he was talking on the phone with his friend about some party later on i think. he has the cutest blackberry i want it soooo bad. i took some candid shots though ill try upload those tomorrow. don't be too jealous guys lolol

From: crazylapras
2012-03-16 04:05 pm (UTC)


Hey not to be creepy or anthing but my friends all make fun of josh and we take pictures of him every time we see him. this is him 2 weeks ago at manalapan high school, where him and his chest hair are currently enrolled. OH NO SHIP DOWN WHY CANT I POST PICS FUCKFUCKFUCK!?!?!? I NAMED THE PICTURE BLITZKREIG after him of course....
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